The View we see (oO)

Today marks the start of an embarkment on a new adventure, although I must admit, I say that everyday. Notwithstanding, it’s also true. Even though I would rather be looking at this majestic view, I have come to see the same view when I look at life!

I have a thing for quotes 😀

My girlfriend keeps telling me one she heard a while ago and its just adorable the way she says it! “The truth will set you free!!! But first!!! It WILL piss you off” 🙂

The truth is, nothing is easy. No matter who or where, each individual is unique in the way they see the world. Its hard to change the world, but in our never-ending quest, just remember that even if you are not able right now to change the world, you can still change your view of it!

I will be posting on a variety of topics with strictly opinion based views that may help change some of the negativity into something less exotic. Perhaps love, or happiness, or just maybe give you a different idea of how to look at the struggles.

  • My First Blog Post

    July 12, 2019 by

    Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. No words have rang more loud and true to me on my quest of life. Being ourselves is all we have. When we die, most should not remember you for the car you drove, or the suits you wear. People will remember you for the… Read more

  • A Friend Indeed 😁

    August 2, 2019 by

    I encountered an enemy, but he was not a foe, I have no choice when I see him, but I beg him not to go, he says that he’s my friend, but I can see he’s full of shit, and no matter what I do, it seems I can’t outwit, I ask him why he… Read more

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